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(Plastic Jerry Can) Fill Spout O-Rings
This Viton O-ring fits the 3/4 inch (19mm) Scepter clear or black fuel spouts
for 2.5 & 5 gallon Canadian/U.S. military fuel containers. The original
black O-ring was designed to be used with diesel fuel & is made
of Buna-Nitrile which will crack and erode when exposed to todays
fuels (unleaded, ethanol, ethanol blends, Bio-Diesel and other Bio-Fuels).
Viton's superior qualities make it highly resistant to unleaded & biodiesel fuels
and it will last much longer than the original buna O-ring.
Finding replacement O-rings for Scepter spouts has become difficult due to
all the EPA/CARB regulations. Scepter & most of their distributors
no longer sell the high end military version fuel cans or accessories
to civilians due to new EPA/CARB regulations. Scepter's light weight, stackable,
dent resistant, non rusting Jerrycan style containers/spouts are designed to
meet high military standards. They meet the military's requirement for 5
gallon fuel containers to empty in under 1 minute.
The new EPA fuel spouts take longer & are awkward to work with
as you may have noticed.
Scepter makes one of the highest quality fuel cans on the market.
Maintain your investment with genuine new Viton O-rings.

1 - Use a pick or small screwdriver (may need both) and pry out old o-ring.
2 - Roll the new o-ring into position.
3 - Your done! That's it.
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