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SCUBA O-Ring Kits
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  • Cylinder with Large Neck/Valve (3/4 NPS - All Aluminum, most Steel cylinders)
  • Standard DIN Regulator/Valve  (Nearly all DIN regulators)
  • Small DIN Regulator/Valve (You know if you need this one)
  • Cylinder Valve Bonnet Nut
  • Standard Yoke Regulator/K-valve
  • Large Low-Pressure Port/Hose
  • High-Pressure Port/Hose - Manifold and Manifold Port Plugs
  • Standard Low-Pressure Port/Hose
  • Low-Pressure Hose/2nd Stage Regulator - Cylinder Valve Stem
  • High-Pressure Hose/SPG swivel
  • Tank Neck - 1/2" Cylinder With Small Neck/Valve

Scuba Kits Include The Following O-Rings
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Includes 12 Compartment Plastic Box
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We Do Not Offer International Sales or Shipping  
Includes 12 Compartment Plastic Box
A Note About Viton - We only sell Brown Viton O-Rings.
This way you know what you are getting. With Black o-rings, your guess is as good as ours.
We have found some people selling Black Buna o-rings and are calling them Viton.
Make sure you get Brown Viton!